Doctor J’s Home Inspection: Let Us Detect Your Nightmares and Save You

How solid do you think your foundation is? You might be overwhelmed with moving into your new house or moving out and renting your old house. However, you need to understand that it is not as simple as it may seem and you will need a professional inspector to help and guide you. Doctor J’s Home Inspection is not just any ordinary home inspection company, but an advanced one.

Many companies offer home inspections, but at Doctor J’s Home Inspections, we offer a 5-star home inspection. With our dedicated, professional, timely and efficient team, we ensure that you get the best services and provide you with answers you can live with: We are the blueprint for a home inspection.

Opportunity to work with professionals

At Doctor J’s Home Inspection, we provide you with not only certified home inspectors but also the best-trained inspectors who will ensure that you are provided with all the information you need. We are not only professionally oriented, but we also work in a clear and concise manner. Doctor J’s Home Inspection provides real-time and well-organized and detailed onsite reports both orally and in electronic form.

After the inspection, our professionals will provide you with the information you need as they show it to you physically and through explicit digital photos taken from all the possible corners of your house the condition of the home. Besides giving your real-time one-day results, you will also get a chance to work and interact with our team.

Explicit results

For a 5-star inspection service, you need detailed reports and results, and that’s precisely what Doctor J’s Home Inspection is determined to give: Explicit services. We provide thorough inspection. We understand that some inspectors and even customers may ignore the significance of inspecting a sewer. Doctor J’s Home Inspection uses a sewer scope inspection method to ensure that the sewer is in excellent condition and cannot expose you or your buyer to hazardous conditions. For the sewer inspection, we carry out digital imaging along the sewer line.

Outstanding communication skills

Doctor J’s Home Inspection team keeps in touch with you from the moment you make an inquiry or even book for inspection. We aim at providing a long-term relationship with all our clients. Also, we provide you with reports in the most straightforward possible language you can comprehend.

Are you selling your home?

Selling your home may seem just as easy as putting it in the market and waiting for the buyer. However, you need to understand that understanding the condition of your home before selling it is incredibly critical. There are far other issues that you need to inspect other than just the physical appearance.

In case you need to repair. Our team will therefore not only provide you with a report but also reasons why you need to repair or maintain your home before selling. Our core mandate is not only to carry out inspections but also to give you’re the instructions you need.

Are you buying a home?

When buying a home, you don’t need nightmares – You are only making your dream come true. Who wants to invest in a wrong home? Doctor j’s Home Inspection makes your dream come true by helping you identifying possible issues before you make that crucial final decision. Our professionals will inspect every single corner and place. We do not overlook anything. However minimal it may be. We carry out inspections from the very exterior to the interior of the house.

If any shingles are not in place or even if the home has a weak roof, we will provide you with adequate information and instructions that will guide you in making a confident decision. Besides, we also ensure that the surrounding is safe by checking the parking lot, the electricity system, the heating system and even the sewage system. By the end of the inspection, you are then certain to make a confident decision.


If you are planning on selling your house, buying a new one or want to carry a random inspection, Doctor J’s Home Inspection has all the answers. We are determined to be your ultimate buying and selling advocate. Our expertise does not only end with the advanced inspection, but we also explain and guide you on any possible decisions that you plan on making.